Sandra Morley, Night Nurse at All Saints 1973-1980, from memories recorded by her son Trevor

When she worked at All Saints Sandra says there was only ever two nurses on at night for each 35 bedded ward compared with the 25 bedded ward, when Trevor went to work there (her son)... she says now 'thats what you call hard work, nurses today think they are hard done by with 5's and 3's on the ward ... there was a morning round at 5 then they made the beds and washed the patients; then they did the card index, their answer to the night report of today... although it was hard work it was also fun, the nurses liked to play practical jokes on each other.

Sandra tells us that Christmas was a wonderful affair, they had real Christmas trees on each ward which were as high as the ceiling was on Devonshire ward ... of course when Trevor and Helen went to work there the ceilings had been lowered... the the trees were donated from Norway ... on Christmas Day the patients were given Sherry ... Sandra also remembers the caged lift, but the modern one was also in use about the time she was there.

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