Bunty Cavey, wife of Jack Cavey first Hospital Secretary, extracts from interview in 2005

"The first memory was that it was very clean and well polished. The Hospital was in a wonderful position, the Downs on one side and the sea on the other. Everything was very nice, I can't say anything against it ... the first chef was very good and came from Polegate ... we needed two chefs ... food was put in heated boxes and then dished out to the patients by the nurses. ... one amusing thing, chef came to see me once and told me that he had been stirring the soup and found a pair of false teeth, I wonder how they got there! ... our cat was very well loved and would roam freely round the hospital ... the nuns were still in residence in the large building in front of the hospital and were still involved in working in the hospital ... six or seven months later they left and went back to their own place in St. Albans ... the building was demolished and flats were built there in 1960 ... there were odd stories from some patients of nuns coming through the wall ... Dr. Brown was the geriatrician and a local GP, he still lives in Eastbourne ... Dick Gaston, the engineer, was a wonderful man ... his wife helped with the cooking ... Bridget Salter was the supervisor and was very good ... I didn't want to leave, I was very happy there ..."

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