The Eastbourne Gazette, September 22nd, 1869

Public Notices Section

All Saints' Convalescent Hospital, Eastbourne

The Superior is desirous of receiving TENDERS for supplying the Hospital from the 1st day of October next to the 31st day of March, 1870, both days inclusive, with the undermentioned articles:
   BREAD, at per gallon, describing kind of Bread - 70 or 80 gallons per week will be required at present.
   MEAT - Top side and rounds of Beef and silverside at per lb; Legs of Mutton, at per lb; Necks of Mutton at per lb; Beef and Mutton Suet at per lb. The Beef is to be ox or heifer; the Mutton to be wether or ewe.
   BEER - Good Table Ale, at per gallon. From 15 to 20 gallons a day are required at present.
   GROCERY - Butter, Flat Dutch Cheese, Raw Sugar, Rice, Oatmeal, Soap, Soda, Pepper, Salt, Starch, Vinegar, Mustard and Heath Brooms. One tender only for the Grocery will be accepted, which must include the whole.
   The contractors are to engage to deliver the several articles at the Hospital, Meads, Eastbourne, (free of expense), according to order, and must sign an agreement for the due performance of their several contracts.
   Tenders (Sealed), together with samples of the Bread, Beer and Grocery, must be delivered at the Hospital on or before WEDNESDAY, the 29th of September instant.
   The contract samples will be paid for, and payments made either monthly or quarterly as may be desired. The Superior reserves to herself the power of rejecting any tender.
   All Saints' Convalescent Hospital.

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