Extracts from: Laszlo Ervin, Science and the Akashic Field, An Integral Theory of Everying, Inner Traditions 2004, ISBN 159477042-5

... Ever more scientists are searching for a more integrated, more unitary world picture. This is true especially of physicists, who are intensely at work creating grand unified theories and super-grand unified theories.

A particularly ambitious endeavor has surfaced in quantum physics in recent years: the attempt to create a theory of everything - a TOE.(Introduction, p.1)

When we recognize that in-formation (which for the sake of simplicity we shall write as information) is a real and effective factor in the universe, we rediscover a time-honored concept - the concept of a universe that is made up neither of just vibrating strings, nor of separate particles and atoms, but is instead constituted in the embrace of continuous fields and forces that carry information as well as energy.

This concept - which is thousands of years old and has cropped up again and again in the history of thought - merits being known. First, because the energy- and information-imbued informed universe is a meaningful universe, and in our time of accelerating change and mounting disorientation we are much in need of a meaningful view of ourselves and of the world. Second, because understanding the essential contours of the informed universe does not call for having a background in the sciences; they are readily comprehendible by everyone. And last but not least, because the informed universe is probably the most comprehensive concept of the world ever to come from science. It is, at last, a truly unified concept of cosmos, life and mind. (pp.2-3)

The kind of coherence discovered today is more complex and remarkable than the standard form, indicating a quasi-instant tuning together of the parts or elements of a system, whether that system is an atom, an organism, or a galaxy. All parts of a system of such coherence are so correlated that what happens to one part also happens to the other parts.

Investigators in a growing number of scientific fields are encountering this surprising form of coherence, and the correlation that underlies it. These phenomena crop up in disciplines as diverse as quantum physics, cosmology, evolutionary biology, and consciousness research and they point toward a previously unknown form and level of unity in nature. The discovery of this unity is at the core of the next paradigm shift in science. This is a remarkable development, for the new paradigm - as we shall see - offers the best-ever basis for creating the long sought but hitherto unachieved integral theory of everything. (pp.24-25)

While in the conservative view human communication and interaction is limited to our sensory channels (everything that is in the mind, it is said, must first have been in the eye or ear), leading psychologists, psychiatrists, and consciousness researchers are rediscovering what Einstein realized and ancient cultures have always known: that we are linked by more subtle and encompassing connections as well. (p41)

Another form of positively oriented sympathetic magic is healing by intercessory prayer. The effectiveness of prayer has been known to religious people and communities for hundreds and indeed thousands of years. But the credit for documenting it in a controlled experiment is due to the heart specialist Randolph Byrd. (p43)

Keen concluded that dowsable fields are created and maintained in an Information Field that pervades the universe. The brain interacts with this field and perceives dowsable fields as holograms. This, according to Keen and the Dowsing Research Group, is an instance of nonlocal interaction between the brain and the field by different and even distant individuals. (p98)

...Things in the real world are not entirely separate from each other. Not only are they linked by flows of energy; but they are also linked by flows of information. How does this linking actually occur? This is the question regarding the effect of the A-field on the world. It is the question to which we now turn. (Chap. 6,p106)

The A-field conveys information, and this information, subtle as it is, has a notable effect: it makes for correlation and creates coherence. This in-forming of everything by everything else is universal, but it is not universally the same. Universal information does not mean uniform information. The A-field conveys the most direct, intense, and therefore evident information between things that are closely similar to one another (i.e., that are isomorphic - have the same basic form). This is because A-field information is carried by superposed vacuum wave-interference patterns that are equivalent to holograms. We know that in a hologram every element meshes with isomorphic elements: with those that are similar to it. Scientists call such meshing conjugation - a holographic pattern is conjugate with similar patterns in any assortment of patterns, however vast. (p107)

The current rediscovery of the Akashic Field reinforces qualitative human experience with quantitative data generated by science's experimental method. The combination of unique personal insight and interpersonally observable and repeatable experience gives us the best assurance we can have that we are on the right track: that a cosmic information field connects organisms and minds in the biosphere, and particles, stars, and galaxies throughout the cosmos. (p112)

As the consciousness philosopher David Chalmers put it, the problem it faces is how something as immaterial as consciousness can arise from something as unconscious as matter. In other words, how can matter generate mind?

The question regarding the way in which immaterial consciousness arises out of unconscious matter cannot be answered by brain research, for that deals only with matter, and matter is not conscious. This is the hard problem.

Peter Russell, for example, says that Chalmers's problem is not just hard; it's impossible. Fortunately, Russell adds (and we can agree), it does not need to be solved, for it is not a real problem. We do not need to explain how unconscious matter generates immaterial consciousness, because matter is not entirely unconscious, not is consciousness fully divorced from matter.

Leading physicists such as Freeman Dyson and philosophers of the stature of Alfred North Whitehead have pointed out, even elementary particles are endowed with a form and level of (proto) consciousness. To some extent and in some ways, all matter is conscious, and no consciousness is categorically immaterial. And if so, there is no categorical divide between matter and mind. (p146)

All we experience in our lifetime - all our perceptions, feelings, and thought processes - have cerebral functions associated with them. These functions have waveform equivalents, since our brain, like other things in space and time, creates information-carrying vortices - it makes waves. The waves propagate in the vacuum and interfere with the waves created by the bodies and brains of other people, giving rise to complex holograms. Generations after generations of humans have left their holographic traces in the A-field. These individual holograms integrate in a super-hologram, which is the encompassing hologram of a tribe, community, or culture. The collective holograms interface and integrate in turn with the super-superhologram of all people. This is the collective information pool of humankind. (p 150)

We know that this subtle virtual energy sea is the originating ground of the bound-energy wave-packets we view as matter, and we now have excellent grounds to assume that it is the originating ground of mind as well. (p154)

The conclusion is evident. WE as individuals are not immortal, but our experience is. The traces of everything we have ever experienced persist, and they can be forever recalled. (p161)

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