As to the selection of sites, the early Christian missionaries were charged by Pope Gregory the Great, and by certain other churchmen, to take over pagan sacred places or fana whereon to build their churches after the destruction of heathen idols. When the site had been selected, the first step would have been to make a plan of its geodetic lines and blind springs. (p.163)
    - Guy Underwood, The Pattern of the Past, Abacus edition, pub. 1972, Sphere Books Ltd, ISBN 0 349 13411 1

A more chthonic or earthly way of approaching this problem was articulated by Paul Devereux. He pointed out that the landscape of our ancestors was not a place of purely physical phenomena, laid out in space and bearing only utilitarian value. Rather it was space punctuated with mystery and meaning, a natural realm of the spirit in which human aims and needs were closely integrated. This was expressed with special force in the myriad connections between sacred places, lines along which our sight or our spirit travels, and which constitute both a physical and a mental web of meaning. The beautiful and suggestive images that Paul used in his presentation helped greatly to bring out the ways in which the landscape impinges on the mind, and indeed how the mind itself is an inner landscape; the two are inseparable.

Something of the same spirit was engendered in the talk by Keith Critchlow. Also illustrated in ways that seemed to obliterate the need to distinguish between the outer and the inner, his presentation brought out clearly the ways in which archetypal images - for example numbers, elementary shapes, the human body - have entered, often in quite unconscious ways, into the construction of buildings, cities and landscapes. One is left with the Platonic sense that both the outer and the inner world are shaped according to eternal principles, and match and reflect each other in ways that suggest an eternal harmony.
    - Mystics and Scientists 26, The Nature of Space, Inner and Outer, John Clarke, Kingston-on-Thames, England, Network Review, Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network, Issn 1362-1211, No 82, Summer 2003.

One of the Ley lines that passes through the chapel continues on to a spot in the mother superiors garden where it intersects with another Ley line and another blind spring. we found this to be a key power spot on the site with a strong angelic presence, very probably regarded as a sacred site back into antiquity.

With time and usage a building or site will pick up what is known as 'imprint energy' or predecessor Qi. this is the result of the physic residue left by the spiritual ,emotional and physical impact of previous occupants.

Three wide overground energy Ley lines converge at the site and energise most areas of the property with a strong and unusually clean heavenly energy. of equal geomantic importance are a number of 'blind springs' or rising underground water domes, whose energy is cleansing and purifying , and anciently associated with the healing power of the earth goddess.

the energies arising from particular geomantic features have a bearing on the usage, maintenance, ambience and social spirit, therefore impacting on the functionality of a property.
    - Richard Creightmore and Julie Rocka, Geomantic Report, 28th February 2005

Is there any evidence that 'imprint energy' is the result of psychic residue? and what is psychic residue? to me there needs to be a more objective measure. For example, perhaps one could map the areas (male ward, northern corridor etc.) get a group of people who claim psychic ability to grade the areas, as the consultants have but independent of each other. then get a group of people who do not claim any special sensitivity to do the same. if the psychics all agree but the lay people don't it would mean there was something different about them, it may not be paranormal but it does mean they are sensing something that others can't.If everyone agrees it would suggest a shared set of values and we need to find out what those values are. they might be electrostatic charge, electromagnetic fields, infrasound, smell, colour.shape, light level and/ or psychic residue.
    - Vic Tandy, email to Mary Hooper

The mind that holds an idea becomes held by it.
    - S. Radhakrishnan East and west in religion (Allen and Unwin 1933)

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