Extracts from a Geomantic Report of All Saints Convalescent Hospital, Eastbourne, 28 February 2005

Commissioned by Mary Hooper, Curator, Arts in Health Care; NHS Trust Consultants: Richard Creightmore and Julie Rocka

This report looks at several areas of focus relating to the geomantic and metaphysical nature of the site.

The energies arising from particular geomantic features have a bearing on the usage, maintenance, ambience and social spirit, therefore impacting on the functionality of a property.

While it is not within the scope of this report to analyse the details of sacred geometrical proportion within the design, it is notable that the ecclesiastical style of design of the buildings resounds with these esoteric architectural techniques. This in combination with some special earth energies creates a harmonious and healthy balance between the Heaven and Earth planes, which is a feature of sacred and healing sites the world over. The Heaven aspect relates to creativity, authority and opportunity whereas the Earth aspect relates to nourishment, nurture and relationship. If these aspects can come into interplay in balance then a site can function properly,


Considering the buildings and their setting in the natural environment, we found the siting to be generally good in terms of classical placement and the precepts of protection and opportunity.

The surrounding hills afford a comfortable sitting position for the complex, embracing the buildings at the rear protectively. We find this sort of arrangement in other historic buildings where there has been a good record of relationship dynamic between building and community, and protection from outside influences both politic and climatic. This would be in line with All Saints' record of having a very good hospital - community interface.

The front driveway and eastern and southern faces have a beneficial interface with the seafront. The front or face of a building relates to presence, opportunity, vision and authority. The newer block of flats on the southern side of the property and the single-storey complex built in the front grounds on the eastern side would have impacted badly on these aspects for the Hospital. Any future developments should take into account the relationship of the historic building with the seafront. While appreciating the potential value for development of the playing grounds, it is important that some direct sea view connection be maintained in order to allow the occupants of this Historic site to continue to benefit from this nourishing energy from the seafront environment.


We found several geomantically significant underground energy springs and Ley lines which no doubt contribute to the overall feeling of sanctity at the property, as well as its reputation as a place of peace and healing.

Three wide overground energy Ley lines converge at the site and energise most areas of the property with a strong and unusually clean Heavenly energy. Of equal geomantic importance are a number of 'Blind Springs' or rising underground water domes, whose energy is cleansing and purifying, and anciently associated with the healing power of the Earth Goddess.

The natural earth energies have been sympathetically enhanced by the layout and the ecclesiastical style of building design to create a site that brings forth a special dimension. Like a voice that is particularly suited to a style of singing, this place rings true in its nature as a holy inspired healing centre. This kind of energy is of particular benefit for a health or social community purpose. It may not necessarily function so well for other purposes of a more commercial nature, where a more active and dynamic type of ambience is required.

There are areas of the property, however, which are evidently suffering from 'Geopathic Stress', in other words stagnant and decaying energy deriving from traumatic disruptions to the healthy flow of energy along the paths of underground streams. These lines of Geopathic Stress are generally problematic to the health of those working and sleeping over them, as well as for the fabric and energetic health of the buildings themselves.

The Chapel

Of special significance are two Ley lines crossing at the Chapel altar area in concert with a 'Blind Spring' or underground rising water vein. This configuration is often noted in the siting of churches and other sacred sites throughout Britain and Europe. The energies at the All Saints Chapel is particularly clean and of high calibre. This energy accounts for the continued holy ambience of the chapel and its welcoming feeling.

The Mother Superior's Garden

One of the Ley lines that passes through the chapel continues on to a spot in the Mother Superior's garden where it intersects with another Ley line and another Blind Spring. We found this to be a key power spot on the site with a strong Angelic presence, very probably regarded as a sacred site back into antiquity. Whereas the Chapel may be considered a natural sacred site sympathetically enhanced by built form, this place has remained a simple sacred site of natural energies. The timbre of this spot is as a fountain of inspiration and holiness. Much like the Holy Wells that dot the British landscape, this site is a blessed site of special significance particular to women and yin energies (the Feminine principle). We consider that this place then acts as a "charging" conduit for the whole area. It may account for the remarkable extent to which the site has stayed free of negative 'geopathic stress' energy pollution.

The ambient energies manifest in the Mother Superior's Garden, and generally in the earth energies throughout the site, make this locale a natural place for women to work "in their power". This does not preclude male endeavours but adds strength to any endeavour of a yin nature such as nursing, as well as convalescing and dying. It is therefore not surprising that the Sisters of All Saints enjoyed a good autonomous life and were able to create a special sanctuary for those in their care.


There is an underground water vein that connects through from the Blind Spring power spot in the Mother Superior's Garden to another Blind Spring in the Orchard. This is a secondary power node echoing the sacred site of the other garden. This sweet energy is part of what makes a visit to the orchard a peaceful experience. Generally the Orchard is heavily riddled with geopathic stress as evidenced by the copious ivy and the declining apple trees. From a geomantic perspective, this would make a good open-plan area in any new development, space permitting.


A building complex that has been vacated, especially one with the history of All Saints, will by its nature and circumstance draw to it various forms of psychic manifestation. This site is prime "spook" real estate. A yin environment is generally required for other dimensional beings to cross over and be seen or felt on the material planes. The lack of human occupation on site would make what was previously only apparent to some people in the building now much more obvious.

Imprint energy

With time and usage a building or site will pick up what is known as 'imprint energy' or Predecessor Qi. This is the result of the psychic residue left by the spiritual, emotional and physical impact of previous occupants. Where there has been severe trauma these imprint energies can take the form of severe psychic disturbances. This kind of imprint can be found for example in old battlegrounds or jails. People who then occupy this area can begin to behave according to the imprint emotion, even out of character to their own personality.

Spirits and Guardians

There are many other forms of Psychic manifestation, some that operate in a beneficial and healing way. The site has a very specific Devic energy or Site Angel (Genius Loci), perhaps called in at the time of building or maybe specific to the All Saints Sisters of the Poor and working along-side the sisters. In the Mother Superior's Study there resides a guardian spirit who oversees the hospital's functions. That the building is no longer in operation as a hospital is not relevant to this spirit energy in time or space. Perhaps the prayers of the Sisters who called it forth have made manifest in the fabric of the building this Angelic force. It will continue to reside there, being more obvious in some areas than others. Depending on the new occupants of the building it may have an energetic appropriateness or not. If so it will enhance their activates, if not it will be an incongruous energy that will in time dissipate.


We recommend that any future development must take into account the special nature of the site resulting from the combination of earth energies and building style. Any development project planned for the site would be most suited as a mix of residential, health, and social community benefit.

Should building development proceed on the playing fields then an open avenue and sight line should be maintained between seafront and the East face of All Saints, in order to allow the Historic building to continue to benefit from this interface. The removal of the contemporary single-storey extensions on the East side is assumed, and the restoration of the original balcony on the East Front of the main building recommended for geomantic as well as aesthetic reasons.

The Chapel and its immediate encompassing surroundings are ideally suited to be maintained as a venue for spiritual and musical culture.

We feel it would be beneficial on several levels that a memorial garden and sanctuary place be created in the area of the Mother Superior's Garden. A closed courtyard style garden could be created including a water feature, some contemplative seating, a lawn area and a memorial sculpture and or cairn as mentioned above. It would be important that the garden has a spatial relationship between the Historic building and access to the broader community of buildings and residents. This could perhaps be required as part of future development of the land.

The garden would serve to commemorate the Sisters who gave their energies to creating a special haven for those in need of care.

It would be a memorial to the many souls that have passed over and aid in the process of their crossing over.

It would be a token of space back to the community that have worked and lived at the hospital, allowing them access to something of the former hospital that otherwise may be in private hands.

It would work on a more esoteric level in continuing to pour its special energy and qualities of inspiration and sacredness for the benefit of the local community and all who visit.

It could function, if properly designed, as a geomantic feature that purifies, protects and transmits the significant healing earth and water energy lines that gather in this environment, for the benefit if the local community.

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